LSPM Bathroom upgrades, Tauranga

Tauranga Special School, Matua Primary School and Tauranga Boys College required bathroom refurbishments to cater for students with special needs.

The existing bathroom spaces required changes to provide features suited to students with special needs. These included altering disabled toilet suites, changes to door openings and showers, in one case a special basin that is height adjustable was installed, in two cases internal room lifts with overhead lifting rails were installed,
cabinetry and new wall and floor finishes were added. Nurse or staff call systems were installed in two cases. Linings were removed to facilitate the required adjustments to building services and framing was altered to add nogs for solid fixing for fixtures and fittings to be wall hung or to support the lifting beams.

All three bathroom refurbishments were delivered to the satisfaction of the schools concerned.

Ministry of Education
Project Value
$150,000 combined
October 22 - February 22
DLA Architects/Carling Architects
Brent Elton, Tectum Consulting

The challenge

The projects were partly delivered in live school environments. Where possible the school holidays were utilised to undertake the most invasive works such as demolition, framing changes, services first fix and installation of linings. Other works were completed during term time which required careful scheduling of trades to avoid unnecessary disturbance to school activities. Other challenges included securing items with long lead times quickly to meet short project programmes and managing multiple trades in small spaces.

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