Health & Safety

We put workplace health and safety before everything else we do.

Q Construction is committed to fostering a positive, proactive culture towards health and safety. All personnel are expected the reflect the following values in the way they behave on a daily basis:

a. Responsibility – all personnel will play an active role in health and safety, take responsibility for their own actions relative to their role and not make assumptions that ‘someone else’ has it covered.

b. Stop, think & act – all personnel will apply these three steps on a daily basis when undertaking operations with regard to anticipating ‘what could go wrong’ and ensure that steps are taken to minimise risks.

c. Communication – all personnel will actively communicate any concerns regarding health and safety in a timely, open and honest manner so any concerns can be addressed to maintain a healthy safe working environment.

d. Partnership – Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility. All personnel will engage with each other on the basis that everyone has a role to play in identifying, assessing and treating health and safety risks at work.

We have a number of strategic industry partnerships such as Site Safe, Totika, Site Wise, IMPAC Prequal, Mates in Construction and Safe365.

Smart solutions for worksite safety

Through our online construction management and software systems, we conduct weekly safety audits, collate results and identify anything that may need improving. By tracking the results of the inspections, you’ll get peace of mind from knowing we’re keeping the worksite safe to the best of our ability and knowledge.

A focus on continuous improvement

Our site managers conduct random audits of other sites to gain a different perspective and ensure they aren’t managing their site with blinkers on – remaining open to different ways of working that could improve safety. Feedback is always welcome, whether it’s internal from our close-knit team or from clients or other industry professionals, so you can step on to our worksites with confidence.

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