Q is commited to having a positive impact on the environment.

A fair few surfers, fisherman and lovers of the outdoors make up the Q team, so as you can imagine, this has a positive influence on how we view our impact on the environment.

We want to build great projects for our clients, but we also want to leave our land and environment in the best shape we can for our future generations.  It’s a fine line, but one we believe in.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We ensure waste is sorted into the correct bins and work with waste partners to sort construction materials offsite. We also keep up-to-date with the latest building techniques to ensure we are managing our impact on the environment.

Minimising our Footprint

We want to ensure our footprint is as minimal as possible and we continually strive to improve in this area.

Looking to the future

The environmental friendliness of the construction industry is still an area with massive room improvement. But as new innovations are made, you can be sure we’ll be amongst the first the adopt them on our sites.

We are committed to

Assessing environmental impact of our operations during planning, design and delivery phases to prevent pollution, protect ecosystems and enhance biodiversity

Identifying and ensuring compliance with relevant environmental legislation as a minimum and, where possible, approved industry codes of practice and best available techniques.

Improving environmental performance and increasing awareness of environmental risks and opportunities by providing training in environmental issues to our employees and supply chain.

Responding to climate change through mitigation and adaptation and to promote responsible procurement and resource efficiency across all areas of our influence including our supply chain and clients.

Integrating sustainable environmental considerations throughout our design standards and construction practices, having regard to ecological constraints, minimising nuisance, energy and water consumption, use of low environmental impact materials, designing out waste and reusing materials, wherever possible.

We have been involved in a number of Greenstar accredited builds over the years, including the Aria Apartments with its 6-star Homestar rating. So we love working alongside our clients and the whole project team to ensure we are all doing as much as possible to reduce our footprints.

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