New Zealand’s leaders in temperature-controlled construction.

Q Construction are the kings of cool. We specialise in temperature-controlled buildings and have constructed some of the county’s most advanced coldstores from Whangarei to Queenstown.

Working with companies like Bidfood, Ottogi and Nishin, we are experts in food processing lines, temperature-controlled facilities and the construction of hygiene sensitive environments.

Keeping your cool

We have years of experience building some of the country's most advance coldstores. So we know what it takes to construct temperature controlled environments that are efficient and reliable.

Our experience extends to food processing lines, storage facilities, coldstores, and pharmaceutical laboratories. We understand the complexities associated with these unique industries and have a proven track record of delivering for excellence for our clients.

More than just a hygiene factor

Building hygiene sensitive facilities takes skill. From the chosen materials, to the movement of air and the filtering systems, we know how to build to the ISO standards your business needs.

Total collaboration every step of the way


We dive deep into your business - so we don't have to second guess your needs.


There are many ways to solve your need. We'll always to to find the one that makes the most sense.


Once we know the solution we can start designing, using the very latest technology to imagine your structure.


Once the design has been signed off, we can start bringing our building smarts into action.


We work in a regulated world, so getting plans and work signed off at every stage is second nature.


Work doesn't stop when the building stops. We're always there on hand to ensure the building performs as it was designed to perform.

Solutions that work, innovation that saves money, and a can-do attitude that gets the job done on time.

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