22 Lorne St, Auckland

The project started as a seismic upgrade of the old brick building at 22 Lorne St, Auckland, originally built in the 1880’s. The building has 3 levels.

Prior to work commencing Level 1 was split into two retail stores, Levels 2 & 3 were a combined office space (1 Tenant).  The building required Seismic upgrading to 67% NBS.  As well as the seismic upgrade the internal stairwell to Level 2 & 3 was reconfigured to provide separate access to Level 2 & 3 and allow occupation by separate tenants (2 Tenants).

During the Contract significant variations requested by the owner included re-roofing of the building and adding a new kitchen and shower to Level 3 to provide the option of Level 3 being used as a Studio Apartment. The change in use of Level 3, to possibly a living space, triggered an upgrade to the fire category for the building that required a major passive fire protection upgrade throughout the building.

The seismic upgrade works consisted of the removal of a section of the old timber floor to allow access below for the construction of a large concrete foundation beam to support a new structural steel frame constructed inside the old building to support the street front facade. Structural strengthening also included diaphragms to the mid-floors, perimeter diaphragm to the ceilings, cross bracing to the roof and structural steel support to the old brick parapet.

Internal finishes were renovated throughout the internal spaces to refresh the decor and brighten the spaces.

Spetses Investments Ltd
Project Value
$1 million
3 months
Architect: Space Division, Structual Engineer: EQStruc, Project Managers: WT Partners
James Allan, WT Partnership
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