126 Kerwyn Ave - Industrial Refurbishment

Q Interiors have completed the Refurbishment of the Property at 126 Kerwyn Ave, Highbrook, Auckland, for the Client, Goodman, working together with Consultants Rebbek Dunn Watters.

The property formerly occupied by Cotton Soft, has quickly undergone transformation, to a newly polished work space, to be utilised by K&S Freighters. The project was quickly turned around in just 4 weeks, with lease termination and agreed commencement dates poised closely together.

Mechanical ventilation upgrades have been installed to the office, making it a quiet and comfortable zone to opperate from, in a redecorated open layout. The introduction of new flooring coverings, a fresh coat of paint, combine to rejuvenate the existing office area fit for the new tenants.

Project Value
June 2019
Rebbek Dunn Waters

The details

The Breezeway has undergone a mechanical upgrade with vehicle fume extraction added and improved lighting.

In the warehouse, a vast cleaning process took place, in which debris has been removed, providing a fresh operating location. Warehouse floor slab was rejuvenated with a large number of redundant hold down bolts core drilled and epoxied, plus old services chases concrete filled, honed, and sealed.

The exterior cladding has been updated with replacement metal cladding and repainted precast panels, bringing the exterior of the overall building back to up to specification. Luminare enhancements have been installed to all areas of the building, with new LEDs providing brighter work areas, sleek office detailing, and an overall renewed appearance to the property.

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