North Shore Hospital - Inpatient Pharmacy Refurbishment

Works included asbestos removal demolition, office fitout works, partitions, ceilings, carpet flooring, epoxy flooring, vinyl flooring, reocation of the kithcen chillers, and associated serices alterations.

The project to both extend, and refurbish, the North Shore Hospital, Inpatient Pharmacy required expanding the current inpatient pharmacy into adjacent spaces, which saw us working in; Kitchen Services, Nutritionist, Dietitian, Pharmacy, and offices all concurrently.

The project was staged across 5 stages to limit our workface to selected areas at any one time and reduce the impact overall impact.

Project Value
February - October 2017
Chow Hill Architects

The challenge

It was absolutely critical to the WDHB that we undertake the works while not affecting the hospital operations and it is a challenge that our team succeeded in. Particularly in refurbishing parts of the kitchen which needed to continue producing and delivering 3 meals a day for patients throughout the hospital; along with allowing the inpatient pharmacy to continue operating and servicing the hospital, while also maintaining security and regulatory requirements around drug storage and logistics.

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